Customer Comments

R. Holbert

Wow! The best product web site I've ever seen!

Ed Larson

We got our tin yesterday, Thank you very much!! It has been a pleasure doing business with you and Tin-Ceilings.

Cheryl Pruett

Fantastic website! Easy to navigate. Complete information. We have been researching information on tin ceilings for our kitchen. You have answered many of our questions. Thank you.

The Marcottes

The ceiling tiles arrived a week ago and was the final push to get our room finished. They are beautiful. Thank you for the excellent service and the beauty they add. We received the sample piece yesterday, and it is Beautiful!!! Very nice work, we are very excited to get the rest of our order. We will also be happy to be a customer reference, as we get many comments on our ceiling. Thanks again!

Rick Hilton

We are in the process of building a new home in SC and wanted something different for the kitchen ceiling. We just finished putting up your tin ceiling. It looks great! We can not believe how good it looks. We are so pleased. We are also pleased with how well it went up. You can not believe how many people have commented on how beautiful it is. Thank you so much! Rick and Julie.

Sandra Taylor

Just purchased 100+ Victorian Home, would like to install tin in Kitchen and Dining rooms. Please send a sample. Love your site, very informative.

Russ Davies

I found the site very informative and I would be interested in obtaining further information.


Brian, My wife and I have been in our home for two years now and I wanted to put up tin tile for some time. My grandfather had them in his drug store up in Rochester, NY. I remember looking at them when I was a child laying on the floor, trying to count the squares-they seem to have gone on forever. I guess they remind me of a simpler, more secure time in my life- so you can understand why I would like to put them up in my home. When I can fit them in our budget, I will remember your wonderful work and call you.

Billie Robison

I am interested in restoring a older home and am interested in the tin ceilings.

Mark Inglis

Could you send me a price list, and the cost associated with plating. Thanks, mark.

Tommy Scott

Very nice! I've always wanted a tin ceiling, but thought I would have to salvage one out of an old building.

Tom and Dolly

What a GREAT web-site Brian! Super easy to navigate and very informative! We're impressed! Hope to do business with you real soon. P.S. Do you offer a catalog?

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